Equipment and Measurement Capabilities

Below you find a short list of measuring techniques and equipment in conjunction with our partners.

High-speed infrared thermometry

For a contactless high resolution temperature measurement

Camera systems from Flir, Thermosensorik and Phoenix:

  • Recording frequencies up to 1000 fps at 640 x 512 pixel
  • Various lenses with magnifications up to 11 µm / pixel
  • Midwave (3 – 5 µm) and longwave cameras (7 – 9 µm)
  • Extensive experience with analyzing and processing infrared measurement data

Temperature calibration

When it comes to accuracy
  • Fix points cells between 0,01°C (water) and 156,5985°C (indium)
  • DAkkS calibration standard with less than 450 mK uncertainty at 961,78°C
  • Calibration baths and ovens

Material characterization

To know what you are working with

Measurement of …

  • sample mass change as a function of temperature and time (TGA)
  • specific heat capacity at constant pressure (DSC)
  • thermal diffusivity using laser flash analysis (LFA)


Setting as well as measuring parameters using light
  • Lasers with different wavelengths and power classes
  • Spectrometry in NIR – UV
  • Various optic accessories

High speed black and white recordings

Visualize fast phenomena on a small scale

Camera systems from Photron, IDT, Andor, Miktrotron:

  • Recording frequencies up to 13500 fps at 1024 x 1024 pixels
  • Up to 1.000.000 fps at 128 x 8 pixels
  • Large range of lenses
  • Extensive experience in automated image processing and analysis

Surface metrology

Roughness measurements and analysis at the highest level

Nanofucus µsurf-Expert:

  • High-precision surface analysis using 3D – confocal microscopy
  • True color and depth of field pictures using a “high dynamic range” camera
  • Extensive evaluation and analysis software

MarSurf Ps10:

  • Small and mobile surface roughness probe for measuring line profiles

General laboratory equipment

The basis of demanding measuring tasks

Measurement systems from Keyseight, Keithley, National Instrument, GHM:

  • Measurement frequencies up to 100 kHz
  • Up to 8 1/2 digits accuracy

Process thermostats:

  • With > 10 kW heating and cooling capabilities

Vacuum pumps:

  • Turbomolecular pump; final pressure < 5e-8 hPa
  • Screw pump; suction capacity > 250m³/h
  • Leak detectipon up to 1e-12 Pa m³/s (helium)