Range of services

You want to design, evaluate or optimize thermodynamic processes or system components? Perhaps you have such or similar questions:

  • In the long term is an adsorption chiller, in contrast to a compression chiller, the better optionfor my operating environment?
  • Does it make sense to use a combined heat, power and cooling system or should I stay with conventional methods?
  • Can I use the waste heat of my process in a reasonable way? Which option is the most efficient from an energetic and economic perspective?
  • What size heat excahnger do I need and what is the optimal design?

We would be pleased to support you with expert advice on proposed processes and alternative concepts und designs.

Do you need support in the development of individual components/assemblies or do you have thermodynamic challenges within your existing systems? Maybe you need

  • the construction of a heat exchanger or an evaporator structure,
  • improved possibilities of heat dissipation concerning overheating electrical/mechanical systems,
  • elimination of undesired condensation or subcooling in your system,
  • high resolution temperature measurement within your component,
  • a specific plug&play measurement technology for thermodynamic properties.

We can support you with customized developments based on our long term experimental und measurement technology experience.

Do you need expert advice? Maybe you are looking for

  • training for your employees in a specific area of thermodynamics,
  • an expert report,
  • a feasibility analysis

We can support you with individually customized services.

Do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.