We have developed many of our own VIs as part of our custom work in test bench construction. The most useful ones we would like to make available to you here free of charge. They all run in the basic version of LabVIEW from version 10.
Program GetPEC PID smooth

  • This VI works similarly to the, which is included in the extension package of LabView. It is extended by a so-called “smooth start”, which can influence the output at the start of the control.
    For this, you must activate the boolean switch “smooth start” and set an initial output value of the control.
    Example application: You control a pump in order to set any other system parameter (e.g. temperature). Once this is reached you want to control the pump, for example, to set a volume flow rate. If the flow rate happens to be equal to the setpoint when the control is switched to regulation, the output of a standard PID would be 0 and the pump would probably run out. By activating the smooth start, the previous value (e.g. 12.4mA for a 4-20mA controller) can be transferred, so that the pump continues to run constantly.

Program GetPEC Linear Fit

  • The Vi provides a simple method for calculating linear regression.