Customer-Specific Measurement Equipment
Test bench technology in perfection. From your question to the fully automatic test operation – everything from one source.
We would be pleased to create a test bench according to your requirements. Just contact us. As an example of our services, we would like to present to you the following of our products.

Our premium test bench for the measurement of fluid-flowed components:

You connect the test sample, select the test plan, and press start. Now the system takes over for you and provides you with the results.
Standard parameters of our system:
Medium:                 Water-glycol (up to 60% Gylcol)
Temperature:      -30°C – 90°C
Flow rate:               2 – 20 l/min
The pressure difference of the components to be tested: 0 – 400 mbar
Customer-specific adaptations can be installed on a large scale. In the project shown, additional electrical heating of the test specimen, as well as maximum internal pressure, was implemented.
The advantages of our test needle technology compiled for you:
– Fully automated operation
– Maximum customizability to your specific needs
– Extensive parameter range
– Fits through any laboratory door and can be moved flexibly
– Fully integrated supply – you only need one power connection
– Everything from one source