Would you like to design, evaluate or optimize thermodynamic processes or system components? Perhaps you have such or similar questions:

  • Is an adsorption chiller, in contrast to a compression chiller, the better option for my operating environment in the long run?
  • Does it make sense to use combined heat and power (cooling) or should I use conventional techniques?
  • Can I still use the waste heat from my process sensibly? Which options would be the most energetically and economically sensible?
  • How big must my heat exchanger be and which type is particularly well suited?

We are happy to support you neutrally with design calculations, process proposals and alternative concepts and designs.

The focus is too much on individual components/parts. Actual customers have ordered entire test setups/systems. This should also be mentioned/offered among our services.
“We develop for you

  • from single components, over assemblies up to fully automated test stands
  • Measures to increase your energy efficiency to save costs
  •  Methods to protect your components from overheating or undercooling„

Do you need advice? Maybe you’re looking

  • training for your employees in a special thermodynamic area,
  • an expert opinion,
  • an analysis of the effects of the Renewable Energy Sources Act on your company.

We would be happy to support you with specially adapted services.